About Me

Camila Francisco


Raised in the serene countryside of São Paulo, Brazil, and now residing in Toronto Canada, my journey into the realm of animation was ignited when I first encountered Pixar's groundbreaking 3D animation short, "The Adventures of André and Wally B." This captivating experience kindled a deep love for the enchanting world of CG animation and the mesmerizing creativity that drives the film industry. Subsequently, witnessing the behind-the-scenes process of "Ice Age," masterfully crafted by Carlos Saldanha, solidified my conviction that 3D animation was my destined path. This epiphany led me to specialize in 3D animation and VFX at the prestigious Vancouver Film School.

I embody resilience and persistence in both personal and professional spheres. Fearlessly pursuing clear goals, I boldly embrace challenges with the understanding that resilience and patience form the bedrock of essential life skills. My proactive, communicative, and joyful nature positions me as a valuable team asset.

My aspiration is to enrich my expertise as a digital artist, embarking on a journey as a CG animator or a Production Coordinator within a collaborative team dynamic. This path is driven by a deep desire to connect, learn, and exchange insights with fellow talented artists. The prospect of working at a distinguished studio, renowned for producing top-tier, innovative work that both challenges and exhilarates, would be nothing short of a stroke of incredible fortune.